Conference Tour

The Taipei National Palace Museum is a world-class museum that hosts an eclectic collection of treasures kept by generations of Emperors ruling from the Forbidden City. The museum is home to hundreds of thousands of historical relics that make up the world's most comprehensive and precious collection of ancient Chinese artifacts. The entire collection covers 5,000 years of China's historical and artistic achievements. 

Tamsui Old Street, developed alongside the Tamsui Harbor, is one of the most popular and well known old streets in all of Taiwan. There are also a number of important historical buildings near Tamsui Old Street such as Fort San Domingo, Huwei Fort, and others. Fort San Domingo is one of the rarest historical sites that has seen ownership from a string of foreign occupiers, from the Spanish, the Dutch, the Japanese, the British and the Australian to the Americans.

(Resource: Taipei Travel; New Taipei City Travel)